Learn More About the Food Pantry

The Wakefield Food Pantry’s new building was completed and opened in January 2013. After almost five years in operation, we have worked out the systems and workflow and have become very efficient at procuring, processing and distributing food. Because of these efficiencies at the July 2017 board meeting, it was decided to open up our pantry to recipients from Milton, NH and Newfield, ME. While Newfield has had limited participation, Milton has become our second largest town served.

We are distributing food to approximately 65-70 families per week from Wakefield, Brookfield, Milton, Newfield and Effingham.

The Food Pantry is currently supporting the following programs:

Food In Time (FIT)
Food in Time (FIT) is a summer feeding program to benefit those children who have been nourished through the school breakfast and lunch programs during the school year. 

Food in Time (FIT)

Camp Snacks
Given that many children come hungry to the Parks and Recs Summer Campers program, the Pantry sponsors a program (since 2008) called Camp Snacks where Board members shop each week during the summer to provide healthy snacks for the campers.

Camp Snacks

Effingham Elementary
We provide weekend bags of food for 9-12 children of Effingham Elementary School.

Effingham Elementary School

PACS (Profile Advancing Children's Success)
This is a program developed by the Profile Bank in partnership with the pantry to purchase and equip backpacks with all the school supplies that would be needed for a child-specific the age and grade.

PACS (Profile Advancing Children’s Success)

The Books Program
We have established and maintained book shelves at the pantry from book donations from the community. We invite children to take books home and to establish their own personal home libraries

The Books Program

WD-30 (Wipes and Diapers - 30 pack)
The pantry started a program to distribute wipes and diapers (one package per week) to families with eligible children.

WD-30 (Wipes and Diapers- 30 pack)


The building is a huge improvement over our former location. The volunteers are able to distribute food rapidly to 65-70 families per week in the same five hours that we have been operating over the last twelve years.

We now have a service agreement with Laconia Refrigeration to do preventative maintenance twice a year on all of our refrigeration units as well as our boiler.

The Generator Connection still provides our maintenance on our backup generator.